Well... Eliza Reign's Bassist(Tony) and Lead Vocals(Hunter) quit yesterday over text messaging. They have been thinking about it for a while apparently. At least Hunter decided to not be a super bitch and quit at the show like he was planning. I don't see how anyone would even plan to fuck someone over that badly like quitting the day of the show. Shows the kind of person he is. But it didn't seem like he would have stayed in the band either way because of his "queen" attitude. But this won't slow Eliza Reign down too much. 
But onto greater things...

The band is already talking about how they can record all their instruments while they wait to find a new vocalist. Which I think this is just what the band needs. 

If they asked me, I would say get the recordings done in between members days off (and not everyone has to show up because of work), make money (WHICH MEANS PUT SOME AWAY FOR EQUIPMENT), and getting their name out there!! 
So I'm going to start working on little fliers to show our websites and who Eliza Reign is and get some printed. If you want some to pass out at shows or stores let me know. 

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